Sally Wilkinson


I have a love of words, not only for their meaning but because of how they look and how they feel when you write them, they are amazing. Words arranged on a page, whether in organised text or jumbled like my designs produce shapes and patterns which we recognise but at the same time seem unfamiliar.

A written word can be used to convey feelings and evoke memories, I think that this can be more powerful than a photograph, and this is the inspiration for my designs.

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I will be in the pop up shop at Stokeley Farm Shop this coming week from Monday the 20th to Sunday the 26th of November. Open every day from 10 - 4pm. On Saturday and Sunday we will be making glittery willow wands and roasting chestnuts (hopefully!) I am sharing the space with Vivienne Turner and her fabulous willow, some lovely bags and cushions covers made by Sally at Creative Curtains (we call her Sally Curtains!) and some beautiful hand turned wood by Steve Hedley.
We had such a great week at the beginning of the summer, lots of coffee, cake and fun, and this time we have a whole world of Christmassy sparkle too. 
Come share the fun!!
Here is a massive picture of some baubles.......
 (I can't make it smaller, I promise I really tried...)

See what I'm up to by reading my Facebook posts below, and take a look at the Cards and Gallery pages to see examples of my work. Please contact me to place an order or to make an enquiry ...